IISc has procured a licence for the premium version of Grammarly, a digital writing assistance tool, which can be used by all students. To use this service, please follow the instructions provided here


The Writing Centre provides a personalised editing service for drafts of thesis chapters and research manuscripts. This feedback is provided by trained tutors (postdoctoral researchers or senior graduate students from IISc). There is a nominal fee for this service that will be used to compensate tutors for their time and effort. To avail of this service, please send an email to writingcentre.ooc@iisc.ac.in, mentioning the word “Editing” in the subject line and attaching the draft of the manuscript to be edited as a Word doc. Before you do so, please read the instructions and caveats below carefully. 


  1. As mentioned above, the service is only available for your thesis chapters and research manuscripts (and not for other assignments). 
  2. It is mandatory that the draft has been copyedited by Grammarly before it is submitted for editing. 
  3. The draft must be formatted properly. 
  4. The draft must be complete with all the sections and subsections. Make sure to include images, figures, tables and legends. Please ensure that they are all part of a single document. 
  5. The draft must also have a lay summary with a word count of 250 or less. This must appear before the abstract. In this summary, you will provide the background of the study, the main question being addressed, what you did to address the question, what you found, the answer to the main question, and the significance of your study. 
  6. The text must be in Calibri with 12-point font size and double-line spacing. 
  7. There will be a nominal fee for the editing service that will be mentioned in the email. This will be paid directly to the tutor for their service. 
  8. If the draft submitted does not meet these requirements, the Centre reserves the right to ask you to resubmit it. 
  9. Once you submit your draft, you will receive an email from the Writing Centre informing you about the expected turnaround time, the editing fee, and other details. 

Please get in touch if you want an appointment at the Writing Centre. Click here to find out more.

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